0. First of all.
basic install preparation steps, remember check telephone
line, connection and hardware status before driver setup and
dial-out to internet.

1. Adjust the Speaker Volume in Windows 95/98.
after modem setup successfully, adjust speaker's volumn to
proper level as you want.

2. Adjust the Speaker Volume in HyperTerminal.
senior skill to adjust speaker's volumn in hyper-terminal mode
by AT-command set.

3. Modem Simple Diagnostics in Windows 95/98.
Diagnose modem's basic information in windows 95 or 98, you could verify ATI3 / ATI4 / ATI6 product information with this.

4. Setup the Dial-Up Networking in WinNT4.0
Windows NT dial-up instruction, protocol and properties should setup correctly ensure modem work correctly.

5. Setup The Network in WinNT4.0
Remote Access control setup instructions for windows NT 4.0 only, ensure dial-out and dial-in authority for remote user.

6. Check external modem's detail information.
check modem's detail information with Modem's Doctor automatically, as same as Hyper-Terminal mode manually.

7. firmware upgrade
If you'd met followed problems, you may confused by old K56 protocol, then it's necessary to upgrade for faster connection in V.90 protocol.