Setup External modem for Linux

After Internal modem had setup successfully on Linux with FAQ10. Now you may want to make it back to external or just uninstall it from Linux. It's easy by follow steps.

By BIOS default resources of com1 and com2,

com-1 / IRQ:4, IO:3F8
com-2 / IRQ:3, IO:2F8

Decide which com port selected, use it's resources to followed steps:

linux~# cd /dev

linux~# setserial ttyS0 uart 16550A irq 4 port 0x3f80

linux~# rm modem

linux~# ln -s ttyS0 modem

If you'd choose com2 for connect external modem, please correct upon 4/3F8 into 3/2F8.

After upon steps completed, run minicom and type ATI3 could check modem chipset.