Check external modem's detail information

with Modem's doctor v1.5
for windows 95/98/NT

Before get a correct driver to install your modem. maybe you 'd lost original driver or there is no driver with bundled internal modem. Followed instructions could resolve your problem before download correct driver.

Followed methords is okey with
[External]: for windows 95 / 98 / NT 4.0
[Internal]: for windows 95 / 98

For Internal modem in windows NT, please check chipset from PCI card directly.

Without correct modem driver, you still could setup in standard modem in windows. After standard modem setup, then do followed steps:

1. Download Modem Doctor ver 1.5 (download 356,845bytes) from this site, or you could also download from original website Modem Doctor

2. Extract zip file into harddisk as you like directory. Ex: C:\modem_d

After extracted, followed files should included:

DeIsL1 .isu 2337
MDRW95 .exe 657920
Mdrw95 .GID 16826
MDRW95 .HLP 85222
MDRW95 .WRI 13824
Orderfrm95.wri 125952
_ISREG32.DLL 36352

3. Excute MDRW95.exe by double click. You could see:

Openning of Modem Doctor Ver 1.5.

4. After auto-detect modem scan, standard modem pre-installed should be detected,

Detect modem exsist status.

@Check methord and com port baud rate setting.

Initial diagnostics progresses and result.

Driver status and data trans test.

5. After all detect functions stopped(all with click "OK" confirm), you could see

Choose interactive mode to excute at commands.

6. Click Interactive mode as upon blue circle selected.

7. Type "ATI3" "ATI4" "ATI6" at commands to confirm product information.

Collect product information by responds.

8. Now you had correct product information about modem, by upon example,

ATI3: V2.200-V90_2M_DLS ===> Protocol and flash rom info.
ATI4: FM-56SA for standard 03/10/99 au ===> Product name.
ATI6: RCV56DPF-PLL L8571A Rev 29.00/29.00 ===> Chipset based on.

9. With upon responed informations, please send it to your modem manufacture for correct driver request.

Upon methord could also excuted in Hyper-Terminal in at commands. For more information about Modem Doctor, please visit: