Modem Simple Diagnostics in Windows 95/98

For example:
Rockwell 56k internal odem for standard and set the COM port of the modem in COM2.

1.> Please go to Start --> Settings --> Control Panel.

s11.gif (5596 bytes)


2.> Double click on the Modems icon.

s12.gif (10592 bytes)


3.> Click on the Diagnostics tab.

s13.gif (5994 bytes)


4.> Select the COM port of the modem.

s14.gif (5402 bytes)


5.> Click on the More Info... button.

s15.gif (5366 bytes)


6.> If you can see the contents of ATI1,ATI2,ATI3...., your modem is OK.

s16.gif (5563 bytes)