Adjust the Speaker Volume in HyperTerminal

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1. If you want to use HyperTerminal to connect another modem, please go to Start > Programs > Accessories > (Communications --if in Windows 98 >) HyperTerminal. Then double-click on the Hypertrm.exe icon.

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2. Enter the Name(any name you like) and click OK.

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3. Enter the Phone number(any number you like) and select your modem by using Connect using(for example: Rockwell External 33.6kK Voice Modem), then click OK.

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4. Click Cancel.

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5. Enter the AT command: AT&F&W&W1L3 and the terminal will reponse OK. Then enter the AT command: ATDTxxxxxxxx to connect another modem.(p.s. the "xxxxxxxx" is your telephone number)