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the speedy development of the internet has greatly combined 3C of Computer, Customer, Communication together, thus enhancing the product technology as regards applications, motivation and effective the critical points in maintaining competitive edges. Apart from a series of internet communications devices, Well Communication also offers specialized technological services, thereby helping customers to keep in step with the current market trend.

Internet communications is the nucleus of Well Communication's technology and product development. To strengthen its R&D capability, a big budget is set aside for R&D every year, and talents are employed. At the same tome, we engage i strategic alliances with international communications companies to develop the latest technology.

R&D Human Resources

  • Number of engineers : 80
  • Average age : 33
  • Average experience : 3 years
  • Average education level : 90% college degree
    Our current product lines:
    >> xDSL Products
     - Wired/Wireless ADSL, ADSL 2, ADSL 2+ devices
    >> Wireless Products
     - 802.11x adapters & APs
    >> Consumer Products
     - Bluetooth hands-free devices, Portable USB storage devices
    >> Wireless Digital Home
     - RF Wireless Audio Module, Wireless Web Camera, Media Station 
    >> Modem
     - V.90/92 External/Internal 56K Modem
    >> Information Appliances
     - Internet Set-Top Box
     - Home gateway
    broadband access / data communication / information appliances
    Well Communication Corp.