Publish Date:11/25 2013


Accessing Internet Becomes Faster with
Well Communication's Broadband Router

Taipei, Taiwan, Nov. 25, 2013 -- Well Communication Corp today announced the new addition of Broadband Router with 4 Ethernet LAN Ports to its product lines including a host of wireless LAN products.

The broadband revolution is here, and thus the bit of hardware we call the router is gaining in popularity. The word conjures up images of people with computer science degrees attempting to solve problems of little importance to the rest of us, but if you have DSL or another broadband Internet connection and more than one computer, you'd best know about routers.

Connected between networks, a router keeps all packets from flowing everywhere, directing traffic according to routing tables it has programmed in. It reads the addresses of each packet coming in, and decides what interface to send that packet onto. It can also block packets based on rules. Router configuration is a black art, and therefore loads of fun, but for home or small office DSL, your DSL provider is probably going to handle the initial router setup for you, if a router is included in the DSL package. Combined DSL modem/routers are starting to appear now. These make things easier as they replace two boxes (a modem and a hub), and offer more security features.

With cable and DSL Internet connections becoming less expensive and more widely available, users are ditching dial-up modems and second phone lines in favor of these high-bandwidth DSL alternatives. Until recently, connecting multiple computers to such hardware meant paying higher monthly ISP fees. Enter broadband routers: these devices let multiple computers (PCs or Macs) share a single cable or DSL Internet connection, and can network your home computers to boot.

About Well Communication Corp.
Years of arduous effort to better connect people to the Internet World has enabled Well Communication Corp. to be among Taiwan's leading manufacturers of network communications products. Well Communication, founded in 1987, started out as a specialized maker of fax/modem products.To leverage its services at a world-class level, quality control is thoroughly scrutinized. The ISO 9001 and TL 9000 certifications were obtained in 1998 and 2000, respectively. And the ISO 14000 has been applied. In 2001, the company was OTC-listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, and to further put Well Communication at the forefront of the competition, it was on IPO listing in 2013.

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