Well Communication Corp Launches Advanced Set-top Box

Taipei, Taiwan, April 22, 2013 - Well Communication Corp. today announced the launch of an advanced set-top box (Web5300), which has the features of Digital Recording, Pausing Live TV Program, Searching for Favorite Frame Pictures, Pre-Engaging Recording TV Programs, Skipping Commercial Time, Recording A/V-Input, Surfing on Internet, and Enjoying DVD movie.

Just utilize an ordinary Internet cable like Ethernet 10/100M, ADSL, cable modem or telephone cable and the Web5300 Digital Video Recorder, a user-friendly household Internet appliance, can be used for surfing on the Internet, receiving and sending e-mail, watching TV, camera monitoring, and playing DVD/VCD/CD. The Web5300 can go with a TV or VGA monitor and thus owning the Web5300 is like owning the whole world.

You can record your favorite TV programs; watch your favorite movie; surf on the Internet; read the latest news on politics, economy, finance, technology, culture and entertainment; and so forth. In addition, shopping online and writing e-mail in Japanese to your close friend are an added bonus. As long as you own a TV set, Internet cable and Web5300, you have already got what you have been aiming at. The Web5300 is operated by an infrared remote control or an infrared keyboard, and can be read or done in Japanese. Most importantly, it is easy and convenient to use, and it is definitely your indispensable partner in today's world of computerization.

About Well Communication Corp.
Well Communication Corp. was first established in 1987 as a specialized manufacturer of network communications products. To keep up with the market trend, we have today turned out such several advanced models as digital video recorder or set-top box (Web-5300), ADSL router with 4-port switch, ADSL router with wireless access point, ISDN devices, Bluetooth modem, USB modems (Annex A/B and UR2 supported), wireless access point with 4-port switch, and more.

To leverage its services at a world-class level, quality control is thoroughly scrutinized. In 1992, Well Communication was the first Taiwanese company to release a stand-type analog modem. An ISO 9001 certification was obtained in 1998. And in the same year, the company was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, putting Well Communication at the forefront of the competition.