Publish Date:12/29/2011


Well Communication and Toshiba to jointly develop the next generation of Internet set-top boxes

Taipei, Taiwan, December 12, 2011 - Internet communications manufacturer Well Communication Corporation and Japanese electronics giant Toshiba Information Systems Corporation signed a memorandum expressing their intent to jointly develop the next generation of Internet set-top boxes. The agreement brings together the hardware and software technologies of the two companies in an effort to meet the multi-media requirements of broadband Internet access.

In regard to the just-signed memorandum, Well Communication President, Gary Wang commented that: "Software has a large role to play in the next generation of Internet set-top boxes. At Well Communication, our focus is on the development of Internet communications hardware and firmware. In signing this memorandum with Toshiba, we are in a position to provide a more comprehensive product line based on advanced software. Our customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of this cooperation soon, as we intend to have a working sample by the first quarter of 2001 with production getting underway in the second quarter."

According to the memorandum, Well Communication's next generation of Internet devices are to adopt Toshiba's 32-bit RISC architecture with an internal 56K modem or 10/100 Mbps high speed Ethernet card. Supporting broadband connections over a standard telephone line, a dedicated ADSL line, or cable, the up coming Internet set-top boxes can boost the CPU's operating speed and support multimedia applications. At the same time, Well Communication is expanding the functionality of the hardware side of things by adding USB connections that will enable the use of video conferencing, videophones, and Internet phones.

With its coming generation of Internet set-top boxes, Well Communication is offering a comprehensive product line that meets the requirements of the entire spectrum of Internet users. From entry-level models to Internet set-top boxes, the coming generation of Well products allows for basic Internet access to the enjoyment of fully interactive multimedia capability. The scope of Internet applications made available through these new products will be extensive, ranging from on-line shopping and interactive video games to on-line banking and distance learning..

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