Publish Date:06/09/2011


A leading supplier of Internet set-top boxes gears up for the Information Appliance future

Well Communication Corp. is a company with a keen eye on the future. Founded in 1987 and rapidly becoming of the leading network and communication suppliers in Taiwan, the company is utilizing its base of network and communications technology to move into the information appliance (IA) arena.

Its new factory at Lung Tan, Tao Yuan County, which will be up and running by the end of Q4 2011, houses 8 high-speed SMT production lines which can produce 1 million appliances per month, constituting a staggering five-fold increase in production.

After more than ten years' effort and with full support from Chairman Weng Liang-Chuan and wise leadership from President Gary Wang, Well Communication Corp.'s policy in recruiting people is obviously paying off. The company offers employees a comfortable and friendly working environment, liberal and systematic benefits, on-job training, and a long-term career scheme. President Gary Wang firmly believes that hiring the services of talented men and women and keeping them satisfied is the way to achieve and everlasting enterprise.

With its core technology of network communications, flexible manufacturing, and using e-commerce to build interactive relationships with the various level of sales company, Well Communication Corp. has had a steady measured pace of growth which enabled it to thrive and keep pace with Taiwan's economic growth and the international communication industry's booming development.

"Facing the challenges of the new century and the impacts of new trends, Well Communication Corp. has not only enhanced original network and communication products, but also has been compliant with the world-wide development of new products based on the concepts of serving the customer and continuing growth, "says President Gary Wang. "We have updated products by incorporating multi-functionality to create additional value. We seek large OEM/ODM orders and the expansion of sales to increase our own market share. We also aim to be one of the leading global companies in the realm of networks and communication."

Global markets and future expansion

Well Communication recognizes that there are three levels to the current European market for its products. The first and most important market comprises the UK, Spain and Holland, which is most important in terms of quantity. The second level market is made up of Germany, Italy and the northern European countries, and the third level in terms of current sales is made up of France, Eastern Europe and Russia. However, it is the German market that Well Communication will be targeting with its next big European push as this is considered top have the most potential, with its ADSL and ISDN products being at the forefront of this push.

Europe accounts for around 35 percent of the company's sales, with the Asia-Pacific the second most important region with 22percent. Japan takes 18 percent, the USA 10 percent, with Taiwan and Australia accounting for 8 and 7 percent respectively.

A Year 2011 forecast by Well Communication suggests that 60 percent of business will be OEM/ODM, and the remaining 40 percent will go to distributors and retailers. It is the OEM/ODM side of business that Well Communication is looking to expand.

The WEB-2011 series Internet TV browser

Well Communication have just participated in the recent Accelerate International IA Forum held in Taipei in May, where the company presented it WEB-2011 series Internet TV Browser.

The WEB-2011is a TV set-top box that connects to a regular phone line to provide an Internet function, Web browsing and email functionality by using the TV as a display unit. It is a product that looks to a future where the PC will no longer be central to Internet communications - an Information Appliance (IA) future.

Mandy Su of Well Communication's Marketing Departing Specialist is clear about the role the company can play in the IA future and suggests that in order to remain at the cutting edge, it is the responsibility to the set-top box manufacturers to actively work with local ISPs in promotional activities. "It is important to be aware of the applications that will be most prevalent, such as surfing the Web and online shopping, in order to gain access to the broadest of markets."

It may also be pertinent to concluded that viewers may not want to deviate too much from their TV viewing habits. Consumers may not want to use their TV sets as computers and they may not necessarily want full PC-TV sets or computers that happen to have TVs as big monitors. In other words, consumers may just want to use uncomplicated basic Web functions on their TV sets.

Set-Top box manufacturers also face the challenge of addressing multiple markets - broadcast analog, broadcast digital and interactive digital - while leveraging as much common functionality and software across platforms as possible. They must also provide a rich plethora of applications and support high-quality video and audio and respond to user commands in real-time.

"Most importantly, in order for set-top box manufacturers to survive in the long-term, they must adapt to the evolving requirements of a market now in its infancy," said Su. It is imperative that the browser and mail server environment is enjoyable to use and encourages interaction.

For the future, Well Communication is looking to incorporate legacy network connectivity into its set-top boxes so users can take full advantage of bandwidth-hungry applications such as video conferencing, and to provide complete multi-functionality with video phone functions and PIP. "We are aware of the possible demand for TVs networked in the home like TV-LAN package," says Mandy Su, "With RVs throughout the home linked to a central set-top box or computer. The trend may even be that the TV becomes the nerve center of the complete home network."

Taiwan, Well Communication and the future of IA

President Gary Wang is confident that Well Communication will play a vital role in the IA future. "We have strong contacts in data communications and as the IA future involves no new technology, just the integration of existing technology, we feel that we are ideally situated for a push geared up to 2001.: As well as looking for OEM/ODM partners, Well Communication is also looking for strategic cooperation for the transfer of information and technology, so it can move forward with its vision of cooperation with ISPs and telcos.

Well Communication Corp.