Publish Date:02/01/2014


Set-Top box is powered up with New Netfornt 2.6
and 32bit RISC CPU processor for IA utilities

As a technology leader of Internet network, Well Communication Corp. specialize in the design, research and development of ADSL, Internet Set-Top boxes (STB), ISDN and modem network communications.

WEB-2000 Set-Top box series embedded Internet browsers Access NetFront, it was specifically designed provides high performance capabilities under that includes a web browser, Internet mail, PPP driver, TCP/IP module, and other Internet access modules. It also supports JavaScript, Cookies, Web printing, and multi-languages.

Netfront 2.6 new features:

  • Displayed Homepage storable
  • More Java Script support
  • AVE-SSL & Cookie Support
  • Standard UI interface
  • FLASH / MPEG plug-in optional
  • Video conference optional
  • Calender / Clock / Caculator function optional

Comprised of a comprehensive set of standard modules In addition, NetFront capabilities can be extended by adding optional modules including Java-VM, Japanese Kana-Kanji conversion module, hand-writing- recognition module, SSL module, crypt module, animation module, stream video/audiomodules, and the PIM application suite.

NetFront is one of the most popular embedded Internet browsers for consumer information appliances in the world. Since its introduction in 1995, more than 5 million copies have been shipped for use in over 50 different consumer information appliances. A partial list of these appliances includes Internet TVs, PDAs, STBs, car navigation systems, smart phones, web/screen phones, vertical Intranet terminals, video game consoles, word processing machines and Internet kiosks.

Toshiba Information Systems Corporation signed memorandum to jointly develop the next generation of Internet set-top boxes. The agreement brings the hardware and software technologies together with new generation of Toshiba's 32-bit RISC CPU processor.With new generation of Netfront and powerful RISC CPU processor, multi-media and internet surf could brought you colorful and convenient IA life by Well.

Well Communication Corp.