Publish Date:08/18/2013


V.92 modem create new standard,
Upstream 48kbps and more power up!!

The V.92 standard should be approved in this November by ITU ( International Telecommunications Union). As soon as V.92 protocol is approved, V.92 modems would be available to the consumers by the beginning of next year.

According to Yankee Group's telecom research report, analog modem is still the most common methord for user to connect VPN service with ISP. Reigning with low cost, easy, and common connection in households. In U.S. area, there are more than 50 million users logging on at speeds under 56 k bytes/Sec. According to Cahners In-Stat Group Research firm survey,there are more than 69 million analog modems were sold for built-in desktop, notebook and standalone units in 1999.

Instead of 20 seconds handshaking at dial-up beginning, V.92 short handshake time to 5 sconds. V.92 protocol faster data upstream transmission speeds from current max of 33.6 kbps to 48 kbps, it will also enable call-waiting feature. Even in connecting with ISP, users could take a short phone call without interrupting.

V.92 speeds up handshake process by recording a log of user's status of telecom system. According to your dialing location and phone number. It remembers the quality of telephone line. This skill attemps to train ISP get familiar to user's telephone line.

V.90 in asymmetric modulation, but V.92 corrects that by using symmetric technology. In the same PCM modulation technology for both upstream and downstream data transmission, It will be great for sending lots of upstream data like email with large attachment, interactive media or game applications, ftp uploads services.

Hold on feature added in V.92 modem, it allows user keep on working with telecom system call-waiting service instead of breaking connection. . With Hold on function, system would popup inform dialogue box that there is an incoming phone call, Then it is possible to talk 16 minutes (the maximum time depends on ISP setting).

V.44 improves data compression, more than 25 percent beyond than V.42. Allowing faster data transmission throughput higher than 300 kbps, twice faster than today's average rate.Especially in downloading text file, There is a lots difference. If you're downloading graphic file, might not notice the different.

V.92 products expects to be on the market in 2001, but the main factor may depends on ISP if service and telecom system match.

V.92/V.44 introduction (by Conexant)
V.92 connect shaking sound (WAV format)
V.90 connect shaking sound (WAV format)

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